• Unique to the South African anaesthesia and specialist market
  • Simple to use, but offer the user a myriad of value added features
  • Able to capture all patient data that might be required
  • Flexible enough to address the needs of solo practitioners and group practices alike
  • Designed to address credit control issues and improve cash flow
  • Set to minimize staffing requirements
  • Able to produce vital information to medical practitioners in negotiations with healthcare providers.
  Three factors motivated the development of PAMS:
• lack of specificity for anaesthesia
• A lack of ongoing support
• A lack of adaptability


These remain the short falls of all other packages, simply because the developers are interested in selling software and don’t care about the end user’s needs. PAMS was developed, and is used, by Drs. Beck & Partners Inc. in Durban and Drs. Redfern and Partners Inc. in Pietermaritzburg. Both practices have used the package in varying stages of development for the past 9 years and continue to do so. We hold the source codes personally and employ independent programmers to update the product. So PAMS will always be around and will always be current in terms of the ever-changing south african healthcare environment.

If, like many others, you have been led down the garden path by blind promises, you need to talk to PAMS and let us show you why you will never be left in the lurch again.

Our support structure is our pride. Not that support is often needed with pams. But when you do need our help, we’ll be there to help you, either telephonically or online. If you opt to take the software license with a support contract, you qualify for 4 hours of telephonic support per month.

Please note that the support service is limited to software issues with PAMS. Problem solving in terms of hardware, networks, etc. Will be for the clients own account.

Support Centre (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)
Call: 0314011769