• Unique to the South African anaesthesia and specialist market
  • Simple to use, but offer the user a myriad of value added features
  • Able to capture all patient data that might be required
  • Flexible enough to address the needs of solo practitioners and group practices alike
  • Designed to address credit control issues and improve cash flow
  • Set to minimize staffing requirements
  • Able to produce vital information to medical practitioners in negotiations with healthcare providers.
  PAMS is a self-contained billing software application specifically designed for anaesthesia and specalists.

It is suitable for any practice structure, from single user to multi user systems running sophisticated networks and servers. While the software is enormously powerful, it centers on ease of use and you and your staff will be trained by us to use pams confidently.

Most other billing software packages are not specifically designed for anaesthesia and specialists. Those that are, have become outdated and cannot adapt to the ever-changing south african healthcare scenario.

It is this essential need for updates that inspired the developers to produce a product that would stand the test of time. In the past, we had purchased numerous commercially available packages, only to be left in the lurch when the programme needed to be modified.

Either the programmer had left the country or the source codes had gone missing or the programme was written in a language which nobody could understand.

Written in vb.Net (the world’s most popular programming language) and with the source codes held by the developers, this programme will grow with your practice.

But PAMS is far more than a mere billing system. It incorporates numerous unique features that are not available from any other software house. Click on the “SUITABILITY” button to see just how PAMS can change your practice management overnight.