• Unique to the South African anaesthesia and specialist market
  • Simple to use, but offer the user a myriad of value added features
  • Able to capture all patient data that might be required
  • Flexible enough to address the needs of solo practitioners and group practices alike
  • Designed to address credit control issues and improve cash flow
  • Set to minimize staffing requirements
  • Able to produce vital information to medical practitioners in negotiations with healthcare providers.


Q: Is PAMS designed for solo practitioners or group practices?
A: PAMS is designed for ease of use. It can easily be adapted to meet the needs of solo practitioners, a number of associate partners and can be used by billing agencies serving a number of practitioners. Associate practices will need to create a separate database for each practitioner, provided that all practitioners work under a single practice number. For agencies servicing a number of practitioners, a separate licence is required for each practitionerís practice number. Group practices up to
32 partners Are using the programme. If it works for them, it will work for you.

Q:What are the recommended system requirements for PAMS ?

512 Mb RAM
512 Mb RAM

Q: Can PAMS data be exported to legal software, Excel, Word, Access, Pastel and EDI ?
A: YES! All data can be exported to a number of software packages. This enables you to do true statistical analysis of practice functions and EDI payments. Create EDI batches, submit them and get feedback as to which accounts have been accepted or rejected.

Q: How flexible are the statements generated by PAMS?
A: The possibilities are almost endless.† Obviously, at setup, we will configure your statements with practice name, address, practice number, contact details, etc. But we will also help you to create messages to appear on your statements, informing patients whether they are to pay you, whether the entire bill has been submitted to medical aid by EDI or whether a co-payment is required from the patient.

Furthermore, our customized bank deposit slips on the bottom of the statement automatically show you patient name and account number. So you will never receive a payment from a bank which you canít allocate to an account. Statements can be sent by post or e-mail. They contain EVERY bit of information the medical aid requires, so those frustrating letters will soon dry up.

Q: What operating system is recommended for PAMS?
A: We recommend the use of Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows NT. PAMS has been successfully run on Microsoft Vista, but only on the Business version and this requires a bit of ìtweakingî. Until Vista has proved itself, we recommend that clients stick to Windows.

Q: Can I import data from my current billing system to PAMS?
A: The answer is Yes and No. Theoretically, it is possible, put it all depends on the format of your current billing systems. The chance of data loss or corruption is always there and with your best interests at heart, we recommend you run a dual system until your accounts on the old system are paid off. If you choose to try a transfer, PLEASE ensure that all your data is backed up in a reputable format.

Q: Is PAMS difficult to use and understand?
A: Part of the setup and installation process is to train you and your staff. Your purchase price includes 2 two hour (4 hour) training sessions to make you familiar with the productís features. PAMS is designed to be user friendly and, after initial training, you should be fully competent in running the application. However, we realize only too well that we are not all computer geeks and we will gladly help you to get up and running. From there, you will possibly be training us.

Q: How easy is it to find an account?
A: AMS is probably the only package that grants you the ability to search for an account from ANY interface. Whether you're doing credit control, credit checks, account or payment queries or data entry, you will always find a search panel on each screen.

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